Six Two Three Zero is Bunbury based initiative that seeks to use street art as a catalyst for urban development & social change by bringing communities together in conversation & creative inspiration.

Re.Discover is an annual walking street art festival created to showcase established Australian & International artists through the painting & exhibiting of exterior murals in the streets of Bunbury’s CBD in January each year.

Re.Discover is a Bunbury originated & artist run project created to cultivate creativity & to activate feet on the streets of Bunbury's CBD.

Founder & Creative Director : Andrew Frazer.



To show case the incredible artistic talent that is within & beyond Western Australia.

To increase the awareness of street art & its positive effects on a community through a sense of cultural development.

To cultivate a city that encourages & gives room for creatives to develop their craft.

To encourage the public to walk the breadth & depth of Bunbury's CBD in response to the murals strategic geographical locations.

To engage the public through street art that inspires & shares a sense of community celebration & artistic accomplishment.

To develop the reputation of Bunbury's CBD as a destination rather than a transit location & in turn increasing toursim.

To support local businesses within the CBD through partnership & renewed foot traffic along the streets where they are located.

To strengthen Bunbury's identity and sense of place - Just a individuals have an identity so too do communities.

To compliment & extend Bunbury’s well- known reputation for its public art culture.

To activate the 'heart of the City' as the CBD area has been adversely affected by the paid parking and is competing with suburban shopping centres like Bunbury Forum, Eaton Fair and the new Treendale shopping centres for loyalty.


"So well organised - great reach - and great artists." - Survey Respondent

"I dragged along my reluctant husband who soon loved it especially remembering what all the old buildings use to be and retracing his youth through the old lanes and alley ways." - Survey Respondent

"I am incredibly proud to live in a place that has embraced public artworks." - Survey Respondent

"Love it. Love that I can walk around the city and show my son creative things and go on an adventure." - Survey Respondent

"The volunteers are attentive to artist and visitors which is really nice. They are all really knowledgeable about the created street art & very well organised. Everything was taken care of with great maps and accessibility to walls." - Survey Respondent



For more information on booking in your school for a personal street art tour with Andrew Frazer, please fill out the contact form with 'School Street Art Tour' in the subject line. Thanks!



Who is Six Two Three Zero & what do they have to do with Re.Discover?

Six two Three Zero is a Bunbury based & run initiative that seeks to use public art as a catalyst for urban development & strengthened community. Six Two Three Zero hosts Re.Discover along with a number of other creative projects throughout the year including the Talking Walls : Youth Street Art Workshops in partnership with the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries.

How can I apply to be a Re.Discover artist?

All Re.Discover artists are personally invited by Six Two Three Zero. We don't currently host a public call-out for artists, though we are always keen to hear your recommendations.

Do you pay the Re.Discover artists?


Is Re.Discover run by the City of Bunbury?

No - Re.Discover is an independently organised festival by Six Two Three Zero. The City of Bunbury is a Platinum sponsor of Re.Discover & we greatly value their support.

Do you receive permission to paint the walls?

Yes : Each wall is carefully chosen & approved in close communication between Six Two Three Zero & the respective Property & Business owners.

Do I have to pay in order to have my CBD wall painted during Re.Discover?

Yes. The art created during Re.Discover is by professional artists & so, just like any other trade/craft we value their skills through payment. We request that the respective property/business partner with us through a Gold Sponsorship package to fulfil this commitment.

Can you paint my wall, even if it's outside the CBD?

At this stage, Re.Discover is primarily focused on Bunbury's CBD (North : Carey Street / East : Blair Street / South : Stirling Street / West : Wittenoom Street), though we are exploring the possiblility of expanding beyond these boundaries in 2017. There is always opportunity to independently commission an artist to paint your wall outside of Re.Discover & if need be - we would be more than happy to recommend some great West Australian artists for your consideration.



The possibilities are endless - so if you are an artist, creative thinker, business owner, building owner, investor, passionate human being - then don't be shy & contact us to share your dream for the future of Bunbury's CBD.