Mural Location : Cnr of Commerce Avenue & Jull Street Mall (Previously MRA)

With a strong self-taught background in graffiti, graphic design and video-making, Askew One's geographical isolation being based out of Auckland, New Zealand, hasn't held him back from showcasing his work to the world. His consistency with his internet web presence over the last 12 years has made him world renowned and he is now considered to be one of the leading figures of graffiti and urban contemporary art from the Pacific region. The end result of his urban contemporary works is the product of his innovative process, which uses his skills in photography, graphic design, graffiti and traditional painting. By capturing his audience with visually complex and pleasing paintings, he is able to bring a greater story to the viewers attention. The importance of bringing to the forefront, the economic and environmental issues that are currently in place amongst the smaller Pacific nations of Oceania.

Brad Kickett (Pano).jpg


Mural Location : Armadale Police Station / Prospect Road

Bradley Kickett is a local Noongar artist. He was born in Northam and grew up in Perth. He descended from the Kickett clan in York, Western Australia. He began painting in 2007. Bradley’s style of art is abstract with paintings depicted from an aerial view and illustrated in a fluid style that he has developed over the last three years. Influenced by experiencing Noongar country, from the oceans to the rivers and seeing the wildflowers and the land from the air and showing the flow and the shapes of the earth. These images are all interwoven with the history and the stories that are shared and passed down to him from his family and elders.




Mural Location : Dolphin Thai Restaurant / Lane-way off Jull Street

Tahnee Kelland is a full-time artist from Mandurah WA. She uses muted colours to create emotionally honest artworks that are expressed as murals, paintings, illustrations, business logos, tattoos and custom jacket designs. Her whimsical style pulls in the viewer; giving glimpses of real emotional honesty, soulful femininity, fanciful patterns and a space for reflection.



Mural Location :  Cash Converters / Lane-way off Jull Street

Lisa King is an artist and illustrator dedicated to figurative portraiture and fashion illustration. Her rich and stylish works cross over various mediums including oil, acrylic, aerosol and computer generated imagery, with a primary pull towards large scale mural work being influenced by indie and pop culture. Her work has been labelled ‘colorfully angelic yet seemingly dark’. She has been recognised locally and internationally as a fast emerging painter and street artist. Her current focus lies in large scale mural production, and a year long studio calendar, with an emphasis on oil painting and traditional drawing skills.




Mural Location :  Express Laundromat / Rear car park off Third Road

Creed Birch is a multidisciplinary artist from Perth, Western Australia who’s work features repeated patterns and carefully considered colour schemes sourced from his urban surroundings. Inspired by his background in graffiti, interest in photography and history working in suburban construction, Creed sources colours and patterns through contemplation of his environment. Creed’s interest in shapes and colours of the urban landscape is documented in his photography and reinterpreted in his work.