Outside The Box

Outside the Box is an initiative of Six Two Three Zero inspired by the incredibly positive response from the community towards ReDiscover - A Walking Street Art Festival in Bunbury’s CBD / 2014 - 2016. 

Through the creation of 30+ large scale murals, the local & traveling community were inspired through an increased sense of place, social connection & passion for the arts. Outside the Box seeks to build on this experience by painting / transforming a series of 20 electrical boxes scattered through Bunbury’s CBD into whimsical characters by four professional artists* in collaboration with students from Grace Christian & South Bunbury primary schools.

Though these identified electrical boxes serve a very practical purpose, we are passionate about igniting the communities imagination through creative interventions - reminding us that even the practical can be beautiful. These transformed boxes will build on Bunbury’s thriving cultural reputation & allow people of all ages to enjoy our beautiful city in a fresh & exciting way with an accompanied walking tour map.

The four professional artists will engage students from Grace Christian & South Bunbury primary schools in various workshops that focus on character development & illustration. These workshops will become the cornerstone of inspiration for each respective artist when painting their designated boxes. In extension - to conclude the project, the created unique characters from each respective student will be exhibited in a group exhibition held at the Stirling Street Art Centre (Bunbury).

*Hayley Welsh (Perth/UK), Tim Howe (Bunbury), Ian Mutch (Dunsborough) & Andrew Frazer (Bunbury). 




Photography : ©2017 Taj Kempe & Corey Littlefair respectively.


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