Mural Location : Arrio Building / Parkfield Street

The last five years has seen significant development for the career of artist Stormie Mills with an expanded collector base and Gallery representation in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

After establishing an international following for his iconic character based work that has seen him travel, work and show in London, New York, Tokyo and Miami, Stormie made a decision to focus his attention on developing the Australian market.

With sell out solo shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth over the last two years Stormie’s work has been taken to a new level in Australia attracting a broad collector base for his signature style of work that explores the idea of isolation in a restricted palette of black/dirt, white/the attempt to remove dirt, grey/for the cityscape & silver/ for dreams.

In 2012 he was a guest speaker at the AG Ideas conference in Melbourne, one of the largest and most respected design festivals in the world and most recently presented Dark Lights, an exhibition at Greenhill Galleries in Perth after returning from New York where he participated in a community project to transform a small community in Astoria, Queens.

With a career that spans over 25 years Stormie is starting to emerge as a serious mid-career artist as he continues in his quest to examine the human condition through his though provoking work.

In 2013 Stormie is presenting a head line act with the Brisbane International Arts Festival in September called “The Stormie Mills Project”, taking part in one of the World’s largest street arts Festivals in Richmond, Virginia USA in July,  doing a solo exhibition in Sydney and an ongoing demand for public and private commissions that keep him in demand.


Mural Location : Rear Carpark at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries

Beastman is an multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney. Influenced by the beauty, symbolism and design aesthetics behind nature’s repetitive geometric growth patterns and organic lines, Beastman's tightly detailed, colourful, often symmetrical paintings depict an unseen world of new life, hope and survival. The instantly recognisable deities in the works have spawned from the elements of the earth, as if nature has come to life in a way we could never have imagined.

One of the most distinctive and prolific emerging artists in Australia, one third of creative group The Hours and co-founder of East Editions, Beastman has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as in the UK, USA, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. He has curated and organised numerous art exhibitions and projects, has worked with various brands including Element, Colab, Longview, Bose, Stone & Wood, Hyundai, Mini, Facebook and Smirnoff. Beastman was named Best Artist at the 2010 Sydney Music, Arts & Culture (SMAC) Awards and his large solo and collaborative mural works can be found all over Australia and in the UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


Mural Location : Bon Marché Mensland / Lane way off Stephen Street

Born in Yokohama, Japan. In his late teens Hiroyasu Tsuri moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2004.

Hiroyasu started to spread his recognisable character based paintings all over Melbourne’s street walls under the name of TWOONE.

He has recently embarked on a whirlwind trip to Berlin, Germany.

Since then painting walls and murals became a big part of his life, as he travels internationally to explore new cities, countries, and places, he always leaves his mark
in the form of small street drawings to full building size murals.

In Parallel to his street activity, Hiroyasu graduated from Visual Arts New Media at Swinburne University of Technology in 2006, during this period he was exposed to lot of different tools and materials, that he enjoyed playing and experimenting with.

This play continued with various other materials that he could get his hands on, experimenting with new technics to enhance the materials strength, this process lead him to reinvent his style and way of creating artwork every time he plays with new materials and substrates.

Hiroyasu says “Studio experimentation and street painting resonate with each other and continue to give me new inspiration to create more”.

Hiroyasu's work often shows 'animal headed human bodied creatures', he calls this on-going series "Phycological Portrait" which shows more of the inner character and personality, that exists timelessly and universally, apposed to ones superficial outlook, He is also exploring ideas with his series titled "Metaphysical Landscape" which often features twisted and stylised still-life / landscapes that stimulate the metaphysical stories to the audience.



Mural Location : Lost Bills / Victoria Street

Born: 1981. Kyle Hughes-Odgers is an Australian painter and and award winning illustrator. He has exhibited artwork and created public art extensively throughout Australia and internationally: New York,London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, Cambodia, Sydney, Paris and Melbourne. 

His work is held in numerous private and public art collections including Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, Royal Perth Hospital and DMG architects. In 2010, Hughes-Odgers completed a 45m seven panel public art commission for Murdoch University (Western Australia) followed by a successful solo exhibition with Turner Galleries. 

2012 saw Hughes-Odgers hold an international solo exhibition with Okazi gallery Berlin, take a residency in Port Hedland and complete public art commissions across Australia; Claremont W.A, Bundaberg Qld and a 50m public art commission in the Perth Cultural Centre.

Branching into children’s literature Hughes-Odgers illustrated his first book ’Ten Tiny Things’ written by Meg Mckinlay, published through Fremantle Arts Press. 

His work has previously featured in publications such as Street Art New York, Kingbrown, and Empty magazine.

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Mural Location : South Facing Wall at The Grand Cinema

Born in Lismore NSW, Fintan Magee moved to Brisbane as a child and began drawing shortly after. In his early teens he was exposed to Brisbane’s graffiti culture.

Moving away from traditional graffiti in recent years his guerilla murals often inhabit the isolated, abandoned and broken corners of the city. Mixing surreal and figurative imagery, his paintings are deeply integrated with the urban environment and explore themes of waste, consumption, loss and transition and contain a sentimentality and softness influenced by children’s books.

He has exhibited throughout Australia and has been selected as a finalist for the Prometheus, Churchie and Lethbridge art prizes and received the people’s choice at the Cliftons art prize, Brisbane. A prominent figure in Australia’s contemporary mural movement Magee has completed large-scale projects in Los Angeles, Vienna, Jakarta, London, Dublin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In 2012 after a 4-week residency at ISAD studios in Jakarta he was invited to collaborate on a large-scale installation with Indonesian collective Ruangrupa. The piece was included in the 7th at QAGGoMA. In 2013 he was invited to participate in the Jakarta Biennale of Contemporary Art.

His diligence, technical skill and progressive approach to street art make him one of Australia’s must watch young emerging artists. Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary art.


Mural Location : Commercial Club / Wittenoom Street

Sean Morris is a Perth-born artist and illustrator, currently based in Melbourne. He creates drawings and paintings which shift between curious studies of outsider living and colourful monuments to low-culture. He has held solo show shows in Perth, Melbourne, London and Madrid, and participated in close to fifty group exhibitions. Between 2012 and 2014 he curated three large group exhibitions under the 'Magic Weirdos' banner - in Perth, London, and Melbourne. His work has been featured in publications on five continents, including The New York Times, Be Street, Empty Magazine and on the cover of The Portland Mercury. 


Mural Location : Commercial Club / Wittenoom Street

Born in Hobart, Tasmania. Works and lives in Melbourne, Australia

Ghostpatrol creates worlds across mediums exploring ideas of space travel, talking to animals and personal fantasy. His visual worlds invite ideas and questions to methods of seeing beyond our own existence scale and atomic configuration, through the concepts of curiosity lead science and  memory.


Mural Location : ShoeBeDoo / Lane way off Stephen Street

Ayres is a aerosol artist with near on 25 years experience within graffiti art. Working strictly with a spraycan, Ayres mixes traditional structured letter styles with new school painting techniques.

While being interested in graffiti art from a young age the last 6 years have seen Ayres apply a new form of dedication towards his art, focussing on large scale colourful pieces and pushing his technique and style in an intense quest for improvement. Having recently moved to Perth, Ayres has started collaborating with both graffiti and street artists, encouraging an exchange of techniques and approach between the two in a hope to realise new ideas which compliment traditional groundwork.

Throughout his artistic career the genre of graffiti art has proven to be an art form that will not sleep lightly. It has continued to progress, push boundaries and develop as founding artists and new comers are continually taking it to new levels and cementing it's importance as a part of society the world over.

Ayres is one such artist who has shown a long term dedication to the craft. Having recently ignored the idea that lettering needs to be painted in a clean manner, Ayres is looking forward to many more years of experimentation and development to come.


Mural Location : South Facing Wall at Bunbury Oral Care Centre

Amok Island (born Amsterdam, 1983) is an artist based in Perth, Western Australia.

After growing up and more than a decade of painting walls in the heart of Amsterdam, his love for everything tropical saw him travelling across Asia before settling in Perth, Western Australia in 2009.

Obsessed with marine life, you can find Amok Island's recognisable stylised sea creatures painted on canvas and walls around the world. Amok Island hand prints his own screen prints, producing the ongoing 'Animals of Australia' series.

In early 2013 Amok Island created large concrete letter sculptures that were submerged in various marine environments around Western Australia. The process of marine organisms slowly taking over was photographed and filmed at regular intervals over the course of a year.

In January 2014 Amsterdam's renowned modern art museum Stedelijk Museum and Kuvva featured Amok Island's work for 'Kuvva x Stedelijk Presents'.

Amok Island has exhibited his work extensively in gallery spaces throughout Western Australia, in Amsterdam, and recently in a solo exhibition in Tokyo.


Mural Location : South's Furniture / Car park off Wittenoom Street

With a high technical ability and attention to solid letter structure Fecks takes painting to a new level. Painting for over a decade. Hailing from Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the world, he’s developed a thirst for travel. Painting extensively throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.

An insatiable appetite for improvement and self development has seen him steadily progress. Renowned for his ability to mash rendered and graphic styles into a seamless artwork. Fecks is his own harshest critic, with a never ending hunger to discover new possibilities making him one of the leaders in the Australian movement.


Mural Location : Lotteries House / Car park off Wittenoom Street

Andrew Frazer is a full time time illustrator, hand letterer, designer & artist that ignites the imagination through his thought provoking characters & narrative based art. Whether it be playful foxes or contemplative bearded men - Andrew’s art welcomes the viewer into a conversation that warms the soul.

With a passion for story-telling Andrew’s art often engages the audience on a very personal level exploring the human emotions of joy, redemption, heartache, forgivesness & celebration. 

From his first solo exhibiton held in Perth WA in 2010 titled ‘Bat Cave Shenanigans’, Andrew’s artistic career has gone from strength to strength. From commissioned murals both within & beyond Australia his unqiue style blend of whimsical characters & hand lettering has carved a fresh path of desire from the international community. 

Andrew currently resides in Bunbury with his wife Drea & son River where they can hear the waves crashing & the salt air swirling.