Mural Location : Arrio Building / Parkfield Street

The last five years has seen significant development for the career of artist Stormie Mills with an expanded collector base and Gallery representation in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

After establishing an international following for his iconic character based work that has seen him travel, work and show in London, New York, Tokyo and Miami, Stormie made a decision to focus his attention on developing the Australian market.

With sell out solo shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth over the last two years Stormie’s work has been taken to a new level in Australia attracting a broad collector base for his signature style of work that explores the idea of isolation in a restricted palette of black/dirt, white/the attempt to remove dirt, grey/for the cityscape & silver/ for dreams.

In 2012 he was a guest speaker at the AG Ideas conference in Melbourne, one of the largest and most respected design festivals in the world and most recently presented Dark Lights, an exhibition at Greenhill Galleries in Perth after returning from New York where he participated in a community project to transform a small community in Astoria, Queens.

With a career that spans over 25 years Stormie is starting to emerge as a serious mid-career artist as he continues in his quest to examine the human condition through his though provoking work.

In 2013 Stormie is presenting a head line act with the Brisbane International Arts Festival in September called “The Stormie Mills Project”, taking part in one of the World’s largest street arts Festivals in Richmond, Virginia USA in July,  doing a solo exhibition in Sydney and an ongoing demand for public and private commissions that keep him in demand.


Mural Location : Previously at Wombat Lodge / Corner of Prinsep Street & Victoria Street

My work is heavily based on the human condition and the emotional state of mind that makes or breaks a happy existence. My portraits are a reflection of ones memories and expectations, in which the concept of an intoxicating other is celebrated or hated. 

My characters attempt to awaken forgotten memories and desired longings. By thematically dealing with the feeling of being torn between addiction and satisfaction, between excess and boredom, I attempt to confuse my public’s senses and breach space, time and feeling.

The works portray my own existence, where extreme experiences, fear and obsession collide. I am always hungry for emotional familiarity and am addicted to the chaotic environment of them. Each work represents and displays my connection with individuals who are involved in my life emotionally, and whose existence causes me to constantly question my own. My works are simply created for your emotion experience and pleasure.

Once removing me as the artist, who suffered this process, the works become any individual’s moments.



Mural Location : Lost Bills / Victoria Street

Born: 1981. Kyle Hughes-Odgers is an Australian painter and and award winning illustrator. He has exhibited artwork and created public art extensively throughout Australia and internationally: New York,London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, Cambodia, Sydney, Paris and Melbourne. 

His work is held in numerous private and public art collections including Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, Royal Perth Hospital and DMG architects. In 2010, Hughes-Odgers completed a 45m seven panel public art commission for Murdoch University (Western Australia) followed by a successful solo exhibition with Turner Galleries. 

2012 saw Hughes-Odgers hold an international solo exhibition with Okazi gallery Berlin, take a residency in Port Hedland and complete public art commissions across Australia; Claremont W.A, Bundaberg Qld and a 50m public art commission in the Perth Cultural Centre.

Branching into children’s literature Hughes-Odgers illustrated his first book ’Ten Tiny Things’ written by Meg Mckinlay, published through Fremantle Arts Press. 

His work has previously featured in publications such as Street Art New York, Kingbrown, and Empty magazine.


Mural Location : South's Furniture / Car park off Wittenoom Street

Andrew Frazer is a full time time illustrator, hand letterer, designer & artist that ignites the imagination through his thought provoking characters & narrative based art. Whether it be playful foxes or contemplative bearded men - Andrew’s art welcomes the viewer into a conversation that warms the soul.

With a passion for story-telling Andrew’s art often engages the audience on a very personal level exploring the human emotions of joy, redemption, heartache, forgivesness & celebration. 

From his first solo exhibiton held in Perth WA in 2010 titled ‘Bat Cave Shenanigans’, Andrew’s artistic career has gone from strength to strength. From commissioned murals both within & beyond Australia his unqiue style blend of whimsical characters & hand lettering has carved a fresh path of desire from the international community. 

Andrew currently resides in Bunbury with his wife Drea & son River where they can hear the waves crashing & the salt air swirling.


Mural Location : ShoeBeDoo / Lane way off Stephen Street

Whether her paintings illuminate an otherwise plain brick wall, or are travelling down the torrential river that is a social media news feed, the art of Anya Brock is unmistakable and striking. From her use of bold, expressive black lines, to the kaleidoscopic colour palette through which she sees the world, Anya’s paintings present an ecstatic and infectious energy everywhere they appear. They bring life.

Zebras brightly coloured beyond their own monochrome stripes, birds whose plumage bleeds together... these things that she so often returns to – images of girls crying tears of house paint – are Anya’s fingerprint as an artist. And although her work is most often described in visual terms, the closest form of expression to what she is doing is jazz, because her work is neither about the subject nor the observer... it is about the process. 

A native of the fashion industry, Anya started and ran high-end label Anan for eight years, but it was after working in London for Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll that she discovered her love of painting. Leaving London behind her, Anya returned to Perth in 2011 to fully immerse herself. As the immersion deepened, Anya’s work became more and more visible in her hometown, decorating some of the city’s most popular spots with bright and cheerful murals, and finding their way onto the walls of Subiaco and Fremantle art galleries; Anya’s trademark sexy-face girls becoming soughtafter icons of bold and sexy femininity. 

Making her New York debut as a winner of the 2012 Stoli ORGNLtv competition, Anya’s work began attracting international attention for its striking beauty, playfully contradictory titles and jazz-like use of geometry. Echoing her life through her work, oozing charm and sexuality through wave after wave of colour, Anya’s style has been instantly recognised by her peers as definitive, and is continuing to make ripples on the international market.Anya relocated to Sydney’s Bondi in early 2013 where she continues to breathe life onto walls and canvas among the bustle of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. As they did in her hometown, Anya’s sexy-face girls are now gracing the covers of Sydney’s Urban Walkabout guides… a fitting omen, and a fair sign that she has truly arrived. An artist in residence.

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Mural Location : Good Earth Surf Shop / Wellington Street

Tim Howe is a Bunbury based artist who grew up creating unique artworks inspired by the South West’s rich surf and music culture. Originally a graphic designer by trade, relocation to the East Coast led to a chance encounter and the gift of an old school tattoo machine. 

This opened doors to the tattoo industry, which, since 2007 has been his medium of choice. Howe has showcased artwork in multiple exhibitions within Australia and has a number of art pieces in various publications. 

Howe’s artistic interests move between tattoo art and large paintings using acrylic on wood, which reflect tweaked, semi realism with a dark edge.