It is with our most sincere gratitude that we would like to thank the following sponsors in making the dream of ReDiscover 2014-2018 & Outside The Box a reality & for giving of their finances, services & time so generously. If you would like to see your business represented below - know that the feeling is mutual. Please contact us to review the available packages. Many thanks!

ReDiscover Armadale 2017/2018 : City of Armadale & Armadale Arts Festival.

The Butcher Shop, Bicubic, United Forklift & Access Solutions, Aisle 6ix Industries & AS Colour

Outside The Box : Vukelic Group. 

City of Bunbury, South West Development Commission, Stirling Street Art Centre, Bicubic, FORM, Haymes Paint, Peter Bowles Paint & Paper,  Sash Carpentry, Koombana Physiotherapy, Thompson Surveying Consultants, Café 140, Monster Graphics, Veens Design Group & The Jucist.

ReDiscover 2016 : VPG Property, City of Bunbury, FORM, Department of Culture & the Arts.

Wombat Lodge, South’s Furniture, Haymes Paint, Peter Bowles Paint & Paper, Quest Bunbury Serviced Apartments, Pigeonhole, Sugar Aerosol Paint, Maker+Co, United Forklift & Access Solutions, Trafalgars Hotel, Jo O’Dea Arts Events, Southern Ports Authority, South West Development Commission, Bunbury Regional Arts Galleries, Bicubic, Radio West, Eagle Bay Brewing Co, Minx Hairdressing, Quality Hotel Lighthouse, Bunbury Hyundai, AK Homes, Monster Graphics, Custard & Co Cider, Rose Hotel, Natural Temptation, Koombana Court, AS Colour, Creative Corner, Aisle 6ix Industries, Bunbury Oral Care Centre, The Jucist, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, Merge, The Butcher Shop, GWN, Bunbury Mail, South West Tattoo Shop, Lost Bills, Sash Carpentry, Veens Design Group, Stirling Street Art Centre, Mojo’s Restaurant & Café, Drooley’s Pizza, The Plant Organic Café, Thompson Surveying Consultants , Café 140, Kent Lyon Architects, Westpac Bunbury & Bon Marché Mensland.

ReDiscover 2015 : VPG Property, City of Bunbury, Department of Culture & the Arts, Drifta Investments & Mantra Hotel.

Bunbury Jolt Footwear, Haymes Paint, Peter Bowles Paint & Paper, South’s Furniture, Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, United Forklift & Access Solutions, South West Development Commission, FORM, Bunbury Lotteries House, ShoeBeDoo, Wardrobe Fashion, Wombat Lodge, Bicubic, Bunbury Hyundai, X2Y, Veens Design Group, Bunbury Oral Care Centre, Bon Marché Mensland, Merge, Pigeonhole, Maker+Co, The Jucist, Aisle 6ix Industries, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, Creative Corner, Bunbury Mail, South West Tattoo Shop, Sash Carpentry, Stirling Street Art Centre, Koombana Physiotherapy, Thompson Surveying Consultants , Café 140, Kent Lyon Architects, Sabotage, The Butcher Shop, AS Colour, Bianco Gourmét Pizza & Rose Hotel.

ReDiscover 2014 : Vine Collective, Drifta Investments & McDonalds Bunbury. 

City of Bunbury, Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, ShoeBeDoo, Wardrobe Fashion, South’s Furniture, Wombat Lodge, Quality Hotel Lord Forrest, Bunbury Mail, Arrio Building, Custard & Co Cider, Bunbury Oral Care Centre, Veens Design Group, Darkroom Concept, X2Y, Merge, Bianco Gourmét Pizza, Lime Ratings, Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Online Art Label, Corners on King & The Flower Bench.